The history of Tirakan

The game in Tirakan take place at any point in a thousand years of history. The game master and players choose the year and location of their adventures. This point in time also determines the environment and events of the world around the players.

In addition to the current events, there is a historiography and narratives of past ages when the gods were manifesting and the world was forming. These descriptions now reflect, as best as the chronicler can, these events.

The ages of the past are the history of Tirakan, the history of the creation of the world.

With the year 0 EC (the year of Chronar's appearance) the time of the game now begins. It is the Age of Men, and the Human Empires should have a thousand years to make the most of their existence.

  • 1st century - The Century of the Hoof (Proclaimed by Taurus)
  • 2nd century - The Century of Awakening
  • 3rd century - The Century of the Dwarves (Proclaimed by Rhoggoss, Confidant of the Dwarves)
  • 4th century - The Century of Dawn (Proclaimed by Leijhoher, Familiar of the Elves)
  • 5th century - The Century of Darkness (Heralded by the Appearance of Darkness)
  • 6th century - The century of chaos
  • 7th century - The century of approaching
  • 8th century - The Century of the Titans (The Titans manifest)
  • 9th century - The century of humans
  • 10th century - The century of the dragon

Each century brings its own situation, its own events. Thus, in the first century of the game, the peoples of the elves and dwarves are mostly unknown, magic is weak and irrelevant. As the age progresses, this changes, until in the 10th century it builds up to a melting pot of cultures and powers.