Phase Six

Phase Six


In the Age of the Guardians, the great conflict of the Demons and the Titans was resolved. This is the age in which Herbarin dies, in which the Demons should disappear forever into the underworld. The Titans are now the guardians of the world.

Basic tendencies

  • The time of the guardians
  • Magic is hardly present (magic level 2)
  • There are no believers (faith level 0)

Then Brahas rose to his full height and tore a gigantic rock from the plain. He hurled the rock with his mighty power into the realm of the gods, where it fatally struck Herbarin. The latter fell staggering and dying into the eternal ice on earth. The stone with which Brahas killed Herbarin burst on impact into thousands of small splinters of black colour and a peculiar shine. Scattered all over the world, the splinters sank down, where they would still be known after a thousand years as a powerful magical metal under the name of tanium.

Even before Herbarin touched down there, something surprising happened in the distance. The Demons had all retreated into the mountains, when Dhas'Garyll rose in his worldly form from the very mountains and with his divine power carved a maw into the rock right into the middle of the world. The Demons sank into the maw, and when none of the horrible creatures were to be seen any more, Dhas'Garyll closed the maw again. Then he retreated again in silence to avoid the wrath of his siblings. Ginae retreated into the second maw from which Brahas had torn the rock, thus creating the Sea of Rocks. From the stones of the outermost mountains of this range, the Titans soon created beings of stone to watch over this navel of the world. These beings, called Gargoyles, soon ruled the whole world in their good-natured, reserved way. The Dragons, too, had added their children to the world during the great war and the expulsion of the Demons. In the image of the primitive human races, they created a kind of being that was superior to Humans, but very reservedly developed a splendid culture. Only the Gargoyles at the time had knowledge of these beings, whom the Dragons called Elves after their own world.

At that time, Dhas'Garyll laid down his name, and from then on was known only as the Unnamed. He created in his image a people who could live on the high rocks of the hub of the world. His children were small and carried large wings, so that they could manage well in the craggy rocks. Only they live on the lonely rocks at the hub.

A long time passed when the Gargoyles and the elves were high cultures, and humans, dwarves and orcish peoples were only primitive tribes. The Morgalas, unable to emerge from under Ginae's body, retreated far to the east, beyond the great sea. But they would not be able to forget the pact. Their people were forever condemned to the Demons.


  • 4000 BC The Dragons created their children, the Elves. Likewise, the Gargoyles were created at this time as the children of the Titans. The Age of Servants began.
  • 3200 BC The mage Notok fights an early form of the Lizard Priest and loses his staff Am Harad as he flees.
  • 3000 BC Dhas'Garyll created a people in his image and sought refuge with them.