Phase Six

Phase Six


Morgalas (loosely translated as ''The Deep People'') refers to a race of Dwarves who, although they belong to one of the oldest peoples of Tirakan, live a tragic and gloomy existence. The origin of the Morgalas lies far away from any known civilisation in the east, but many centuries ago they once settled the whole continent. In the Age of Servants, the king of the Morgalas made a fateful pact with Wisgu that would curse his people forever. With the Demons' decline, the Morgalas also retreated, and were not seen again until they went to war against the Humans on the side of Taurus. The Morgalas are popularly known as Dark Dwarves.

The leaders of the Morgalas sometimes use grot worms as mounts and in battle.

The Morgalas are not only seen fighting alongside the Minotaurs and later the Lizards, but can also be found as mercenaries and bands of thieves all over Tirakan. Due to their pact with Wisgu, however, they are condemned to demonic slavery, a circumstance that explains their bond with the lizards.

Year 250, Day 1

Xerxus Bloodhammer blinked. He blinked again and began to become aware of his heartbeat. A slight shudder ran through his limbs as he felt the sensation of blood pumping in his veins. Warmth spread through his body and with the warmth he became aware of the coldness of his soul, the chasms that he and his people held. As he lay, his gaze inevitably wandered upwards, to the stone ceiling fresco that adorned the expansive cave. The history of his clan was recorded there, the story of the tunnel wars and how his father finally slew the remaining clan leaders single-handedly to crown himself king of the Morgalas. Xerxus raised his limbs. War was in the air and his people had smelt it. His destiny, his fate, the destiny of all his people had changed...if his father knew this, he had better not think about it. The brawny dwarf now sat upright and reached beside him to feel the cool metal of Aresa, his battle axe. Just the touch sent a tingle through his hand. He, ruler of the Morgalas, had awakened and he would lead his people back to Tirakan.

Year 262, Day 73

Xerxus grinned as the grotto worm dug through the last part of the earth wall. The tunnels were built and he could smell the air of the continent through the huge access points. It had been a long time since a Morgalas had taken this step, the brawny dwarf thought to himself as he picked up his axe and looked at the small settlement that showed itself a few miles away. He smelled human flesh, as did Dwarves behind him, and a grumble went through the ranks. Xerxus put spurs to the worm and rode ahead, there would be a feast today.