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The Realms of Tirakan is a fantasy role-playing game. It is played with several players and a game master in a comfortable round. Each player takes on a character in a fictional story, which is carried by a game master. There is no real goal in this game, the characters go through various adventures, become more experienced and develop further, until the well-deserved retirement or death ends the life as an adventurer.

The unique feature of the game is the 1000 years of game time. Players choose the year in which their game takes place. Depending on the century, different factors influence the game. For example, magic with its influence first becomes stronger over the centuries, only to almost disappear again. Likewise, other influences run through the centuries. The power of the gods strengthens at the end of the millennium, as well as a new age of the elves is approaching. Only the fate of the humans seems uncertain, their luck and the favor of their gods seem to dwindle.

The kingdoms of the humans represent the main scene of a 1000-year struggle of the cultures of Tirakan against a nameless darkness. While in the first century of the game only the peoples of the humans are known, in the following centuries more and more kingdoms are revealed. And thus the focus turns away from the once high and rich peoples of the humans. While the hustle and bustle around the centrally located Rock Sea becomes more and more diverse, a danger approaches from the south that makes all myths pale.

Of gods and demons
Of gods and demons

The people of Tirakan gain support and confidence in their belief in Gods. Nevertheless, not only the Gods and their dark siblings, the Traitors, but also Demons and Titans emerged in the first age. The latter populate the worlds of heaven and hell and are present in the faith of people in daily life. People pray to their god-like beings and visit the temples of villages and towns.