Phase Six

Phase Six


The tenth century now puts the existence of mankind to the test. With it ends a whole age, and the outcome is still uncertain.

Basic tendencies

  • The century of the dragon
  • The magic disappears (magic level 0)
  • The Gods are near (faith level 6)


  • 901 EC Zyral encounters the creep that came from the shadows. The Second Battle of Blood ensues
  • 923 EC The mage covens unite. One does not shrink also from blood magic any longer, in order to compensate the dwindling influence of the magic.
  • 924 EC At the end of the battle after 23 years, the creep is destroyed by Zyral, the Avenging Angels and just by the return of the great Dragons. The site of the battle is devastated forever.
  • 925 EC The Academy of Jaar, uninhabited since the Blood Sacrifice of the Shadows, is destroyed.
  • 933 EC The dark religions join the community of Gods.
  • 950 EC Ranorh's Betrayal
  • 950 EC We have arrived at the present day...what will the last 50 years bring?