Phase Six

Phase Six


The second century is called the century of men, although it could also be called the century of decay. The noble houses and governments of the empires crumble, the first reports of Minotaurs reach the people. The Inquisition Magica is founded.

Basic tendencies

  • The century of awakening
  • Magic awakens to further power (magic level 2)
  • Faith plays no role (Faith level 1)

The century of the people (Never proclaimed)

First reports of Minotaurs reaches kingdoms through barbarian refugees.

Fanatical/occult mage circles have come to political power. Several covens of various orientations share claims to power and authority. Together, they create a strong counter to the comparably disunited kingdoms with their respective local state bodies. Magic seems to awaken further.

The kingdoms are disintegrating internally, state organs are sluggish, overburdened and broke. Among themselves, any kind of alliance seems to be circumvented or interpreted to their own advantage. Many speak of "war in the air". Nevertheless, the shaky treaties and vague promises that exist at this time within the kingdoms hold, out of common fear of the magic covens. This pressure increases immensely towards the end of the century. Public attacks openly frown upon magic, and in some areas it is unsuccessfully banned. More and more radical circles go underground, and the first attacks in a series of what will henceforth be called the "magic terror" from the public side occur. In truth, the first assassin was the brother of a Hermetic who had been arrested and tortured in Asgoran. The act of revenge of a non-magical man who now had nothing to lose. However, this was never publicly presented in such a way. When he burned down the guardhouse responsible for the case with 10 men trapped inside one night, there was later talk of "magic fire" from the authorities. Strangely enough, two neighbors who claimed the opposite disappeared.... As a reaction to this incident, in the last years of the century the "Inquisition Magica" is founded, a secret society of the kingdoms, in a desperate attempt to get rid of the magicians. In public they appear as pure knowledge collectors, but a mage who falls into their hands soon gets to know them differently. Circles and mages are called upon to report publicly and register. Refusers fall under the jurisdiction of the "Inguisition Magica"....

The nobility is drunk, in large parts marked by incest.

The circle "The Seeing Eye" speaks of the familiar of the people, whose time it is, but who will not come, because he was once slain by the people...

The storm of the Hoof progresses, more and more barbarian tribes are on the run, they speak of a "procession of slaves", in which all those who surrender to the army of the Tauren or are captured join. Cruel battle reports make the rounds, there is talk of unbelievable discipline, battle order and war lore. By the end of the century, Taurus has almost completely conquered the south of the continent and is marching on Gasdaria.

The first reports of dwarf sightings make the rounds.


  • 105 EC First refugees of the barbarians report about the Minotaurs.
  • 107 EC Refugees from the southern barbarian territories are turned away at the borders of Al Bah JiRa, there are massive clashes with individual tribes and the Abu Omar border force, the land of the sun is now completely sealed off
  • 109 EC The Seeing Eye faction reveals itself to the people through eager speakers.
  • 110 EC The already very old Magus Teriomek seizes power in Al Bah JiRa and declares himself Sharif of the country
  • 117 EC More and more people disappear in Al Bah JiRa, the order of Teriomek accuses the temples of Zyral and Pailos and seizes the goods of these communities
  • 125 EC Fanatical / occult mage covens have come to political power. They create a counter to the discordant kingdoms.
  • 129 EC In Al Bah JiRa, supported by some former Abu Omar, militant resistance is slowly forming against the black magic Sharifat of Teriomek.
  • 131 EC In Al Bah JiRa it comes to open civil war
  • 133 EC First public statements against gifted and performing magic.
  • 138 EC Attack on the Temple of Pailos in the city of Meridian.
  • 140 EC The events surrounding the Yadosian princess Jenna von Thusbrück become known as the Morgenfeld Scandal.
  • 151 EC The civil war in Al Bah JiRa ends under the new Sharif Apademak X., black magic is punished from now on with death
  • 155 EC Yadosien and Hadewald prohibit the practice of magic in the North City Pact.
  • 160 EC** Mussauwarat Island is beset by Minotaurs running from Mount Phar toward the city walls.
  • 179 EC The seeing eye speaks of a familiar of the people who will appear.
  • 190 EC At the various borders of Al Bah JiRa, raids by minotaur expeditionary detachments occur again and again.
  • 195 EC Foundation of the Inquisition Magica in Bayard, the capital of Yadosia.
  • 197 EC The front of the Minoraurs becomes a daily conversation in Yadosien. The effects of war are felt everywhere.
  • 198 EC The Inquisition Magica opens its First Great Trial, which ends in the execution of 12 mages.
  • 199 EC Thalan Berwenfeld, Admiral from Yavon reports seeing Dwarves in the south.