Phase Six

Phase Six


Hadewald is the land of guilds, seafaring and crafts. In the dense forests of the realm, the timber industry is the predominant profession. Unlike in many other realms, no royal house rules here, but a council of masters. This council, set up by the craft guilds, is responsible for legislation and jurisdiction in the country. Hadewalders are known for their courage and strength.

The Geography of Hadewald

The kingdom of Hadewald is located south of the kingdom of Asgoran, surrounded by the Rock Sea to the west and the ocean to the east. To the west, Yadosia borders Hadewald, and to the south, high mountains form a natural border. Hadewald is largely covered by dense forest, only in the north are there wide, rolling meadowlands that stretch all the way to Asgoran.

Law and politics in Hadewald

For many years, a regency of guilds formed in Hadewald, which was to remain so until the great storm of the hooves. First and foremost, the craft guilds form the Council of Masters, consisting of 12 members - the heads of the individual guilds. This council determines the fate of Hadewald from 53 EC to 455 EC.

The history of Hadewald

Attack on Gasdaria (122 b. EC)

In a complete surprise, the new council leader, Grimrosch Snækolson, attacks Gasdaria. Under protest, but restraint from the other kingdoms, Grimrosch reaches out his greedy fingers to Gasdaria. The confident king underestimates the Gasdarian military by far and finally has to admit defeat after a bloody two-year war.