Phase Six

Phase Six


The beginning of the fifth century is marked by the appearance of darkness. A strange, sinister horizon grows in the south of the continent, and the lizards seem to be only the harbinger of something much worse.

Basic tendencies

  • The Century of Darkness (Heralded by the Appearance of Darkness).
  • Magic level 5 spells are possible. (Magic level 5)
  • Faith does not matter (Faith level 1)

The Century of Darkness (Heralded by the Appearance of Darkness).

"The Shadow World" first appears in the southern firmament. A small black dot that seems to grow with each passing year. By the end of the century, almost the entire southern horizon seems covered by the blackness. Mariners and coastal dwellers, at this time mainly scattered barbarian tribes, speak of ominous sounds pushing out from this shadow. What no one yet knows is that the lizards were the harbingers of this darkness, but what destruction and death they were to bring had only been a foretaste of what was to come. They were born of the presumption of a demonic being to no longer submit to the Old Order of Things. They are merely the product of a new, dark deity, and its earthly disciples are also growing, in dark alleys and rooms, behind closed curtains and bolts.

A first success against the army of the Hoof and the Serpent (by now both are represented by banners) can be achieved in Toran, 20 miles north of the Blood Wall, right at the beginning of the century. A battalion of Humans and Elves succeeds in encircling a surprised enemy scouting party in the woods. All 200 Minotaur warriors fall, none allowing themselves to be captured. All the more astonishing is the fact that one of the lizard shamans surrenders without protest; he is transferred to the Yadosian Magic Academy, much to the displeasure of the other magic covens.

The Enlightened Realms are eager to train more and more combat mage troops. At the same time, by the middle of the century, suspicion of Yadosien grows, as it is said to give free passage to the armies of darkness. At the end of the century it becomes more and more obvious that Yadosien serves mainly the army of the Serpent. The covens reach magic level 5 in their spells, and at the height of this power, some of these communities seem to become megalomaniacal. There are sometimes open conflicts of magicians in everyday life, as well as magically uncontrolled effects The Inquisition Inquisition Magica finally almost completely tracked down and killed or captured, it seems to be the end of this coven.

In the course of the unification of Humans, Elves and Dwarves, parts of the Bloodwall are destroyed or attacked again and again. The "armies of darkness" as they are called have to invest more and more resources in the protection of the wall. As a result, Taurus discards the plan of the Blood Wall in Al Bah JiRa to concentrate on a reorganization of his troops, apparently the Army of the Serpent decides differently in this case and starts a mass murder of the inhabitants of Al Bah Jira, mainly of the cities TA'Re and El Kurru, novel ships are used here, powerful galley-like rowing ships, heavily armed and extremely fast for their size. Unconfirmed rumors say that a battalion of bulls stood in the way of the lizards, who were overrun, but managed to save some of the city's inhabitants.

At the end of the century Asgoran has negotiated a secret alliance with the Gnomes, exact details are not known, only the soon arriving heavy war equipment and new siege weapons are noticeable:

  • Custom-built, wheeled turrets that seem tailor-made for the Blood Wall.
  • Slingshots and artillery weapons, some of which shoot a viscous, oil-like burning liquid into metal balls that leave gruesome wounds and set huge areas on fire.
  • 3 Wandering Castles: These strange constructs are about 60x60 steps in size and resemble a small but heavy stone fortification when standing. The lower side of the traveling castle is made of an unknown, very durable wood, underneath are variously adjustable, highly complex mechanical wheels, one driven by each of 3 men on the second floor. Inside this second floor, it is rumored among the troops, there is a gnomish constructor, who never shows himself to the troops, but does all the necessary mechanical work on the spot. Now and then a loaf of bread or a bowl of soup is missing, but the crew is grateful for this good spirit. On the upper floor, there are enough narrow embrasures on the walls to provide space for a good 25 archers, and the difficult-to-climb vehicle is crowned by a platform that is sufficient for about 10 fighters with lances pointed outward. In general, hardly anyone gets to see a Gnome, how and where the weapons come from is a heavily guarded state secret of Asgoran.


  • 402 EC For the first time, travelers report the shadow world manifesting as a black wall in the south of the continent.
  • 410 EC Rumor has it that Yadosien allows the dark forces to pass through the land and advance further north.
  • 410 EC A captured lizard priest is transferred to the Yadosian Magic Academy.
  • 410 EC Magic reaches its absolute peak as various descendants of royalty are executed.
  • 410 EC The mage Notok recovers his staff Am Harad.
  • 422 EC Public persecutions of the followers of the Inquisition Magica and other opponents of magic.
  • 452 EC The Inquisition Magica is officially declared extinct.
  • 456 EC Part of the Blood Wall explodes spectacularly. Rumor has it that the human incarnation of Algor had a hand in it....
  • 466 EC The 5th Asgoran Banner destroys large parts of the Blood Wall east of Al Bah JiRas.
  • 477 EC Yadosien denies the inhabitants of Asgoran and Hadewald any entry into the country.
  • 479 EC Survivors from El Kurru report Minotaurs rushing to the aid of the Humans and getting in the way of the lizards.
  • 479 EC A bloody massacre of lizards occurs in Al Bah JiRa's cities of TA'Re and El Kurru. There are almost no survivors.
  • 480 EC Yadosien closes its borders to all former allies of the other empires.
  • 482 EC The Meadow Ground Pact is revoked on the part of Yadosien. The requirements not to practice magic are hardly respected anymore, so the agreement falls into oblivion.
  • 486 EC Asgoran announces an alliance with the Gnomes for mutual benefit in the war against the bulls.
  • 487 EC All Yadosian troops are withdrawn from the front. Yadosien does not provide any more banners.
  • 488 EC Duigosz war equipment is deployed to the Hadewald front. Rolling turrets, slingshots, and artillery pieces are used.
  • 490 EC The lizard priest proclaims the realm of the serpent. Yadosien is completely isolated from other lands.
  • 499 EC First reports of an alleged appearance of Hana in Gildenhain (north of Meridian) make the rounds.
  • 499 EC The corrupt Meridian city administrator Legate Thesos Astrerius attempts to seize Gildenhain. Other strange events surround the failed attempt.