Phase Six

Phase Six


In the third century, the first ancient race becomes known, the Dwarves. In addition, the conflict with the Minotaurs in front of Al Bah Ji'Ra comes to a head.

Basic tendencies

  • The century of the Dwarves (proclaimed by Rhoggoss, confidant of the Dwarves)
  • Increasingly strong are the possibilities that magic offers (magic level 3)
  • The faith does not matter (faith level 1)

The century of the Dwarves (Proclaimed by Rhoggoss, confidant of the Dwarves)

Rhoggoss, Familiar of the Dwarves reveals himself to several people at the same time, all over the continent. He speaks of the return of the Dwarves to meet the hooves. He also speaks for the first time of the shadow that follows the hoof, as well as the dark brothers of the dwarven people.

The kingdoms are increasingly in disintegration, there are open battles between military and mage associations, while the southern kingdoms are desperately trying to arm themselves against the Minotaurs, but with no regard for their neighbors. Only the mages seem to be becoming more aware of the Minotaurs' problem, not least due to the appearance of Rhoggoss. They push for negotiations, but the kingdoms remain stubborn and, even worse, try to use the situation for their own benefit through intrigues.

The number of secret societies, state intrigues and murders is increasing. Noble families wipe each other out, magic alliances take over individual lands by force, and greedy feudal lords plunder the land with their mercenaries. It seems that everyone wants a piece of the final pie.

The possibilities offered by magic (magic level 3) become stronger and stronger. Magic alliances take over more and more the claim to power within the kingdoms, the number of magic critics dwindles more and more, partly by bloody means. It is said that in the course of these persecutions a mage succeeds for the first time in summoning a middle demonic servant of Braha, more details are not known. In this connection also the foundation of the Inquisition Inquisition Magica seems to stand, but also here nothing more exact is known.

The religions seem to disappear more and more in the power play of the forces, although one speaks internally of a "spiritual gathering".

The Minotaurs find allies in the Morgalas, the Dark Dwarves. They use the discord of the kingdoms to gather and reach the so-called "Blood Wall". Its walls are adorned with impaled heads and bodies, it seems that the army of the hoof is about to draw a wall across the continent.


  • 201 EC On Mussauwarat Island, the trapped Humans receive help from a small-bodied race, the Dwarves.
  • 202 EC Rhoggoss, familiar of the Dwarves reveals himself to several people at once, at the same time, all over the continent.
  • 203 EC The Fraxut, a dwarven race from the south, seek support in the kingdom of Hadewald.
  • 204 EC Hadewald and Asgoran enter into war with the Minotaurs.
  • 205 EC The Hadewald royal house forms an alliance with the Fraxut.
  • 206 EC Al Bah JiRa joins the Tirakan Alliance of fighting bulls, but still leaves its borders closed.
  • 208 EC Unknown mages publish a writing in Hadewald calling for rebellion against the corrupt guilds.
  • 211 EC In Al Bah JiRa, the black art is considered extinct but the white and gray magic is promoted by the state.
  • 247 EC The Battle of Ayaren takes place.
  • 1.1. 258 EC The Hermeticist Ilarion Ben Talamir takes over the leadership of the Circle of Hermeticists.
  • 259 EC The Circle of Hermetics claims military command. A rift occurs between the Yadoan army and the guild.
  • 262 EC Letterpress printing is invented in Bayard.
  • 262 EC A small force of Morgalas invades northern Meridian and destroys a small village.
  • 265 EC In Meadowground, Yadosien, the Wiesengrund Pact is made between the united kingdoms of the south. The pact prohibits the practice of magic in public, as well as the trade and possession of magic items.
  • 270 EC The new Sharifi Al Bah JiRas Jesbechea III is a practicing white mage which leads to complications with some foreign diplomats.
  • 280 EC The priesthoods now seem to have completely withdrawn. There is talk of a spiritual gathering.
  • 285 EC Hidden from Humans, the Minotaurs find allies in the Morgalas.
  • 289 EC Reports of a rampart in the south, its walls adorned with the bloody bodies of fallen Humans, make the rounds.