Phase Six

Phase Six


In the seventh century, the Shadow World continues to advance on the continent. Taurus visited the Shadow World with the Lizard Priestess, and has since doubted whether his mission and the war are honorable. The churches are slowly awakening to a completely new flowering.

Basic tendencies

  • The century of approaching
  • The magic level decreases (magic level 3)
  • Faith hardly plays a role (faith level 3)

The Century of Nearing, Heralded by Hanas - who he had once been.

The Shadow World reaches the continent, and rumors speak of shadows slithering out of it along the ground, into all the dark recesses and shadows. At night, fewer and fewer nocturnal animals are heard, or they flee north from this strange "new night," as it is called in the southern lands. People disappear without a trace and the moon is eternally covered by a gray veil. The days also seem to have grown darker overall.

Taurus himself begins to think about whether the cause he is fighting for is a good one. Once before, he had wandered into the darkness with a Shaman of the Serpent and was shocked: Everything beyond the current border of "darkness" is a reflection of the continent but in a distorted, demonic way. Even Taurus felt a shiver run down his spine when he realized this, Caltae, the minotaur shaman refused to go there!

Religions continue to reach the hearing of the peoples (faith level 3). More and more preachers proclaim the approach of the Gods and temples and order warriors are trained in the northern territories to enter the battle on the southern front. A lot of people speak of the visitation of the Gods already in their dreams and many frontline fighters seem to be really helped morally by at least believing that a higher power will turn the tide.

Magic continues to leave the followers of the covens (magic level 3). More and more mages become victims of the new Inquisition Magica or its offshoots: the "Brotherhood of the Right Way", the "Organikrats" and the "Beja-ers of Righteous Punishment". More and more empires are crumbling, disintegrating into small splinter regions, new counties are forming, stretches of land are left desolate. Some cities proclaim city status, others form joint war councils. More and more, especially the frontline sections of the people suffer from disorganization and lack of resources. Especially the armies of the Serpent, whose mages are probably also suffering from the loss of magic, know how to take advantage of this and blow up important nodes within the army lines. Panicked, entire human banners retreat, along with Dwarves and Elves, to regroup further north. Elves and Dwarves strongly urge the Humans to finally settle their internal problems, but the short-lived people do not seem to listen.

Yadosia's borders are heavily guarded by Minotaur banners. Eyewitnesses report strange sounds coming from across the borders. A grumbling and scraping, and each year it seems to grow louder. Towards the end of the century, the source of this sound becomes apparent: In the middle of Yadosien, a kind of hill or mountain seems to "grow". The strange black rock now rises about 900 steps into the air and it continues to grow, making horrible sounding crashing and crunching noises that can be heard for miles around, with an alien-like singing mixed in on some nights.


  • 602 EC Fleeing animals reach the Al Bah JiRa from the south. They are fleeing from the shadow world that has reached the continent.
  • 604 EC Taurus doubts the cause he is fighting for. A walk with a lizard priest through the shadow world has shocked him.
  • 606 EC Nor Hrowald, chief priest of the Tzularn announces the return of the Gods.
  • 610 EC Dreams and visions of the Gods give courage to the people and also strengthen the soldiers at the front.
  • 611 EC Founding of the Brotherhood of the Right Way, an offshoot of the Inquisition Magica.
  • 613 EC With the Organikrates and the Beja-ers of Righteous Punishment, other Magiefeindige organizations are founded.
  • 620 EC The Great Yavon Council is founded. The Council of Elentrea quickly gains much influence. The Council cracks down on mages with harsh laws.
  • 625 EC Guild members in Yavon storm the council halls and cause a bloodbath. The Council of Elentrea in particular openly fights the guilds in the streets from then on.
  • 626 EC Civil war breaks out in Yavon. Armies of various sides storm the cities, the people fight on the side of the council.
  • 627 EC The military takes power over Asgoran under Marshal Taram Lothenstein.
  • 631 EC Sovereign lands emerge after the five-year Yavon War. Some cities proclaim the city-state. The Council of Elentrea gains influence, especially among the people.
  • 633 EC Hadewald front collapses due to lack of resources. The bulls stand in front of Asgoran.
  • 634 EC Large swaths of Hadewald land are left devastated. Reptiles thrive in great numbers.
  • 644 EC Leaders of Silkanda and Fraxut request audience with Humans. They urge unification of human kingdoms and forces.
  • 646 EC The borders of Yadosia are guarded by bulls. Overnight, the Minotaurs suddenly occupy the borders.
  • 650 EC The lizards send a huge army of Humans sleeping into the dream world and use their earthly bodies for a blood ritual of gigantic proportions. 40,000 men perish in the cruel ritual. Rumor has it that the lizards performed a ritual in the shadow world using a bone shard of Herbarin, the effects of which set a cosmic machinery in motion.
  • 653 EC Strange cracking and crunching sounds penetrate from the interior of Yadosia to Hadewald and Yavon.
  • 670 EC Fugitive Yadosians report a giant black tower in the interior of the land. They say the tower is growing.
  • 1 Jan 685 EC The southern Toran front at Buettingen is besieged by the bulls. A standoff occurs between Humans and bulls.
  • 685 EC Rumors from the south speak of an "Attila" who wages a merciless guerrilla war against the bulls in the occupied south. However, after initial discrepancies, it is not a descendant of the famous Meridian Cambrella dynasty, but rather a renegade Meridian agent named Artyro.