Phase Six

Phase Six


Caltae is the companion of Taurus. She was before the Minotaurs fell into a lethargy for a thousand years, and she will be forever. Caltae lay with Taurus in the chamber of sleep, paralysed and unable to stir or feel emotion. With the awakening of Taurus in 0 EC, she too awoke, and she was to be the conscientious side of Taurus for the next 1000 years.

Caltae comes from an unknown origin. She has lived on Tirakan since she became aware of herself at a young age. She has always been a natural magical talent, and the arts of shamanism and elemental magic were passed on to her in her cradle. Legends tell that she is of divine origin, that her mother was even Dilae herself. Before the endless sleep, she already swore allegiance to Taurus, who led tribes of Minotaurs when she was young.

After awakening, she followed Taurus on his way to unite the tribes and lead the Minotaurs on a victorious campaign against the Humans. The Humans, of whom she herself has hardly noticed anything, of whose culture she has no knowledge. All that matters to her is the flourishing of the Minotaurs. Since Taurus respects nature and animals despite her extremely bloodthirsty actions against the Humans, she can also reconcile this with her own views.

The break with Taurus occurs when the lizard priestess, whom Taurus follows more and more, leads her and him into the shadow world, into a dark parallel world. Caltae senses that this is something completely wrong, and against nature. She refuses to go there, and distances herself from Taurus, and is very reserved in the time to come.

She hardly speaks a word to Taurus, and so it happens that at some point she challenges the priestess of the serpent to a fight.