Phase Six

Phase Six


This defensive structure, like a huge rampart, is located at the narrowest point of the strait between Yavon and Toran. To the east, the structure reaches the marshy lands of Fohndor, an almost impassable swampy landscape that stretches to the Rock Sea. The western end is formed on a jagged cliff on the West Sea. It is not certain when this complex, which is aligned on both sides, was erected, nor is it clear who its builders were.

What is certain, however, is that they must have been masters of the art of building: Although it was probably built in the third age, the complex is still almost in its original state. The present inhabitants are the knightly order of Dia'r Hames. Their task is to keep the complex passable for all travellers, whatever their concerns may be. The knights worry about their protection, but never take sides. According to their code, they wait for the day when Dia'r Hame's gates must be closed to save the world from great evil. With the appearance of the Minotaurs in the 1st century, many knights feel convinced that this day has come a good deal closer. All the greater is their concern that their numbers are not nearly large enough to fully staff Dia'r Hames: With about 1000 men, the Order can barely defend the main gatehouse.

"...and so it came to pass that the bulls at Dia'r Hames had to withdraw, for they could not win a victory from that fortress." ~ From "The Records of Madamut, a Soldier's Tale" - 799 EC

A secret surrounds the deep cellars of the fortress, it is part of the knight's oath not to enter them. In 842 EC this secret is revealed and saves the mighty fortress from being overrun by the lizards.

Dia'r Hames can truly serve as a shining example of any defensive structure. The fords on either side and their respective reinforced bridge houses make the use of enemy catapults on the gigantic main rampart impossible in the first waves of attack. The main rampart, rising 60 steps into the air, is again lined by two 40-step high ramparts. At a distance of 20 steps one embrasure follows the next, probably about 5000 archers and crossbowmen can take their place on the full width of the almost 3 miles wide rampart. The triple wooden gates of the main bulwark, each 20 steps wide and 5 steps thick, reinforced by iron mesh, can probably withstand any battering ram...." ~ From "Towers and Defences" - 15 EC