Phase Six

Phase Six


The Valley of Oblivion lies in the northwest of Meridian near the ancient city of Re south of the Atiarel mountains. The origin of the area is obscure, elven legends report that it was created in the time of war and the fall of Re. Other sources claim it was created by the Atiarel or even Tar himself to protect the Atiarel during the stasis of their leader.

While Elves can move naturally through the valley, other species find it almost impossible to cross. An invisible force in the region causes any stranger to forget the path, their destination and even their companions should they move further away from them. Everything that is not in the traveller's sight disappears from his memory within minutes. To remember something that is out of sight, a character must pass such a Logic roll, the minimum roll of which is increased by one for every minute the character has not seen the object.

Travelling in the Valley of Oblivion

Travellers must therefore take some precautions to get through the Valley of Oblivion reasonably safely. These include.

  • Finding a way to remember their actual destination. It may help to write this down and keep it in mind.
  • Never enter the valley of forgetfulness alone. As it becomes increasingly difficult to remember the goal, the danger of forgetting everything is greatest when you are alone.
  • Never split up in a group. Once someone is out of sight, they are almost forgotten. As there are also attacks by creatures or the appearance of fog in the valley, it is advisable to leash up.

Creatures in the Valley of Oblivion

The Forgotten Ones are probably the most common inhabitants of the Valley of Oblivion. They are Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and the like who at some point lost their travelling party or simply the memory of their destination, and gradually lost all memory of their old life. Over many years they have completely degenerated both physically and mentally and are only capable of simple actions and simple attacks. In return, most of them carry the poison of the silver orchid, which is often found in this region.