Phase Six

Phase Six


Somewhere in the dark forest, in the south of Toran, lies an old, decaying house. It doesn't matter in which century you visit this place, the house always looks equally destroyed and dilapidated. The wooden façade has large breaches, the shutters hang crookedly.

The fir trees rise darkly behind it, providing an ominous backdrop to this otherwise rather sad-looking place. Apparently, this place was once inhabited by a family, offering shelter to strangers and friends alike.

When a wanderer comes across this place by chance and ventures into the ruins, a surprising picture is revealed to him. At first, only a dilapidated entrance and a parlour can be seen. However, if one takes a few steps further inside, lights suddenly flicker in the rooms. Shadows move on the walls and soft noises come from the rooms.

If you then dare to look into these rooms, you see that they are full of dolls of all kinds. They look at you from the chairs, they sit and lie on the floor. Several of them are lying on the bed. You will notice with a start that the dolls are beginning to move.

They will slowly move towards the stranger, following him many miles into the forest. In doing so, they are restless, albeit very slowly. This usually succeeds in getting distance from the dolls, but the dolls continue to move behind the visitor overnight without resting.

What happens when the dolls reach the visitor has not yet been reported, but one can expect the worst.

The Curse of Maisie

According to ancient stories, this house once belonged to the ancestors of Maisie Barnes DeCreston of Thornwood, Queen at Thenon of Asgoran in the year 690. There are many tales surrounding the queen, including that she sat on the throne at Thenon for an unusually long time. An old family secret surrounds her origin and her past.