Phase Six

Phase Six


Long ago, when the Gods were still alive on Tirakan's soil and the Demons were waging their cruel wars, an event occurred on the plain of Jaar that was to change everything. There, on the vast steppes of the plain, the Demons were rounded up, and there the final battle was to take place. It was here that Brahas tore a huge rock from the earth, and with it slew the god Herbarin. The rock shattered into a thousand splinters and became known as Tanium.

At that time, it was called the Third Age, there was a lesser demon called Gharfaoy who escaped the great battle. This being, of the form of a gaunt, pale humanoid without any hair, created over many decades a tower that rose to the heavens. Carved out of black stone, the structure looks more like a naturally grown mountain than an artificially created tower. Oriels and smaller towers branch out a hundred times, and strange Plants stretch between the walls. The foundation of the tower is made of pure tannium, and the place of unholy magic is permeated by a mighty power.

All this is legend, no one has ever seen the Academy of Jaar. And if anyone should have made it to the gates of the tower, he will have died a terrible death, or else been accepted into the unholy community of the academy's students and teachers. The only way to reach the academy is by air. The way leads over the mountains in eastern Yadosia to the plateaus of Hadewald. There, hidden behind mountains, lies the dark tower.

The Community of Jaar

Hidden from the world, a sworn community exists in the Tower of the Academy, whose teachers travel all the lands to gather knowledge and expand the community. Led for an indeterminate time by Master Gerion, the community is divided into a strict hierarchy. The Circle of Adepts, a council of 12 teachers from the academy, decides on the further path of the community. Decisions are made jointly and passed on to the teachers, who are directly subordinate to the coven. They have all authority over the scolars and servants of the academy.

Independently of this hierarchy, several other persons and beings belong to the Academy.

Known teachers of the academy

  • Nuroth Finsterklamm
  • Astrum Fabula
  • Emilio da Navian
  • Thyria Blutdorn