Phase Six

Phase Six


Type Animal
Wounds 12
Protection 1
Arcana 0
Actions 2
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 10m
Perception 3
Quickness 2
Resistances Fire
Weaknesses -


Claws 8
Fire beam 8

The riding dragon is not a true dragon, merely a large flying lizard with a grained head. These rare animals can be trained to be faithful mounts if caught as young, or if a clutch of eggs is discovered and can be secured.

The average life expectancy of a riding dragon is 65 years, although they can only be ridden from the age of 15, and only up to the age of 55, as they cannot carry a large load such as a rider in old age. They reach a length of 15 steps (with tail of 5 steps length) and a wingspan of just under 20 steps. As carnivores at this size, they need a whole cow for food at least every other day, so few can afford to maintain this lizard.