Phase Six

Phase Six


Type Animal
Wounds 3
Protection 0
Arcana 0
Actions 3
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 4m
Perception 2
Quickness 3
Resistances -
Weaknesses Fire,Shock


Scratch 4
Bite 5

The Dragsberg barn devils are probably the largest domestic cat species of Tirakan and originate from the duchy of Dragsberg in Asgoran. A Dragsberg barn devil grows 1 to 1.40 steps long. They have a 3-4 finger long fur of various colours, 2 and 3-coloured animals are the rule, and a long bushy tail.

Dragsberger Scheunenteufel

Very often there are so-called 'lynx tufts' at the tips of the wide large ears, as well as tufts of fur between the toes. An adult Dragsberg Barn Devil can weigh up to 12 stone, an adult female Barn Devil up to 10 stone. A litter usually consists of 4 young. They are considered to be very playful, hunting-loving and intelligent and are well adapted to the harsh climate in the mountains of North Asgoran.

Dragsbergers are very curious, playful, very eager to hunt and very intelligent even for domestic cats, so that most barn devils can operate door handles, latches, etc.