Phase Six

Phase Six



Over time, the character can gain experience and develop. This also happens on the basis of templates.


Reputation represents how well known the character is. It is an indication of how likely it is that the character is known to the people he meets, as well as a value that says how much the character has experienced in his life.

Reputation is recorded in the form used/collected. All reputation you ever got is behind the slash, all reputation you used to increase is in front of it. As long as the used reputation is lower than the collected one, templates can be bought for the difference.

Gaining reputation

For successful adventures the character gets reputation. This is assigned by the game master and should be in the range of 5-10 for an adventure.

Reputation can also be given directly for individual actions. For example, a successful action or scene in the game can lead to the game master directly awarding a certain amount of reputation.

Developing the character

For the reputation gained, the player can buy templates from the areas of character, interests, environment and talent after each game session. It is not possible to add new templates from the areas of occupation and education.

This further development takes place after each game session, so it is also possible to add further templates to the character within an adventure.

These templates are recorded exactly as in the character creation and the changes in the values are calculated directly on the character sheet.