Phase Six

Phase Six


Type Alien
Wounds 15
Protection 2
Arcana 0
Actions 3
Minimum Roll 5
Walking Range 8m
Perception 2
Quickness 4
Resistances Fire,Steal Actions
Weaknesses -
Stress 2/4


Fire Beam 8
Charging 6

These large, floating creatures are appearing in increasing numbers around the Dante Station built above Jupiter's surface. They are at least 2 metres in diameter and float, both in space and in the atmosphere of a space station.

The beings' skin is made of a metal-like substance, but it looks more like living skin. Their "head" has a kind of face, a large mouth and two eyes that glow red, as if they were holes, allowing a view of a core of magma.

A Medusa is able to shoot a glistening jet of fire at its opponents.