Phase Six

Phase Six


Plot: Siri (Tanne near Elend, 2022)

We first meet the heroes in the tranquil little village of Tanne near Elend in the Harz Mountains. Different motives lead them to this region, and so they stay independently of each other in the Pension zur Tanne.

On a pleasant spring evening, they are in the hall of the inn when Argen Wegener addresses one of them. He has a problem with his MacBook and asks for help. While one of the characters is inspecting the MacBook, he is asked by Siri on the computer to please insert a USB stick into the computer.

A few minutes later, smoke grenades enter the building with a loud clang, followed by dark-robed cultists. A firefight breaks out, during which the cultists are beaten by the fir's heavily armed guests. With the skirmish concluded, some cultists escape with the kidnapped Argen Wegener, just before a portal opens in the middle of the hall.

Out of the portal step some NEXUS agents, followed by Marcus, in hazmat suits. Marcus offers to explain the situation to them if they follow him to his base.