Phase Six

Phase Six


The next alarm is not too long in coming. A message from HQ reports unusual activity in the 19th century, the location can be located at about 1000km around Berlin.

Equipped for the time of the Prussian Empire, they enter the teleporter. The localisation brings the heroes quite accurately to the scene, Paderborn in 1806. The Omnisensor indicates unknown activity in the direction of the city, but the characters first stand in front of the duke-bishop's palace in Schloss Neuhaus.

Before setting off, they first meet Friedrich Sertürner, from whom they can buy some of the freshly discovered morphine. A few cups of tea later, they set off for the city.

When they arrive in town, the first clue leads them in the direction of Kiesau, where in a pub they talk about strange occurrences in the neighbourhood. Abruptly interrupted by a scream in the house next door, the heroes make their way to the neighbouring street to find the house of an undertaker. Paderborn Frederik Mansold and his housekeeper Sophie run the funeral home. While Sophie seems to be a very empathetic person, Frederik seems ice-cold. When the heroes reach the house, they find a laid out corpse that rises and attacks the onlookers.

Investigations reveal that these incidents have been happening more often recently. They also discover that an invisible, large object seems to be hovering over the house. Frederik, backed into a corner, admits to several incidents in his basement. Attempts to reach or touch the object in the air fail. Finally Frederik leads the heroes into the cellar.

Here, after some time, the dead rise in a gruesome manner, and with a fixed stare they move towards the heroes. Whoever is struck by the undead is poisoned, and so the heroes save themselves from the scene by setting large fires. At the last minute, an object in the shape of a black, iron helmet is taken, which addresses the heroes.

"Surrender, earthlings! We have come to take you into our power, and you have no chance to fight back. We are far superior to you." Sounds from the helmet. It soon becomes known that the helmet also contains some kind of teleportation device. And so, having fled the city to the shelter of a pasture in the nearby Benhauser Feld, they decide to step blindly into the teleporter to find a solution to the problem.


The teleporter leads into the invisible object above the undertaker's house. Contrary to expectations, however, you do not meet an alien civilisation here, but the lone captain of the ship, a snail-like alien called KWARG. KWARG is a pirate and smuggler, and somehow he got stranded on Earth in 1806 after his ship's engine was destroyed. Stuck here, he decided to trick the people of the Paderborn of 1806 into believing that an alien power was taking them over. His ship technology also resurrected the corpses.

After some device-assisted persuasion, the heroes get KWARG to explode his ship in orbit and follow them as prisoners. Thus they return to the Division V base.

Here KWARG manages to assure the NEXUS that he is far more valuable as an ally. The heroes, on the other hand, have passed their final test and are now official agents of the NEXUS.