Control (Mind)
Image by Dipesh Shrestha

The caster draws a pentagram on the target's forehead and concentrates on the spirit and the target.

In this ritual, the caster allows a spirit to enter the target's body. The spirit can be a service spirit, a free spirit or the spirit of the caster. In the latter case, the caster's body slumps, does not react, breathes slowly and stares into the void when his eyes are opened. The target is Power*10 minutes under the control of the spirit driven into it, which can control the entire body (run, punch, fight, speak, etc.).

Should the target's body die during the possession, the spirit abruptly disappears from the body and returns to its sphere. If the target's body dies while the caster is in it, the caster's spirit returns to its original body and the caster is unconscious for 3W6 minutes.

Spell Casting: Willpower
Power: 1
Range: 0
Shape: -
Actions: 15