Eye of Seth'Nra

Transmutation (Demonic)
Image by engin akyurt

The caster takes one of his eyes out of the eye socket with two fingers and holds it on the flat of his hand.

The eye gets black outgrowths in the form of tentacles and wings and starts to fly by itself. It moves with the speed of 10 meters per second and has Power maximum wounds. If the eye is not back when the spell expires, it falls to the ground. In this case, the caster can retrieve and use it within half an hour.

If the eye is destroyed or lost, it withers and grows back only after 2D6 days. In this case, it causes 2 wounds to the caster once.

The spell lasts for Power*5 minutes.

Spell Casting: Deftness
Power: 1
Range: 0
Shape: -
Actions: 1