Phase Six

Phase Six



Millie Blinking

Adventurer, Hermetic, Priest
Arcane meditation, Arcane School, Arcane Study
Campaign: Kingsley und das Artefakt
Persona Dice
Physis Dice
Knowledge Dice
Skills Dice
Skills Dice




On Body
Action Dice Notes Cap. Range
Evade Movement
Walk Movement You can perform an action while walking. The minimum roll for this action is raised by 1. 2 Meter
Run Movement You can't perform an action while running. 6 Meter
Crawl Movement Crawling is only possible while hunkered. 2 Meter
Hunker Movement Applies the "Hunkered" status effect. Hunkered characters have a 6+ cover and a +1 minimum roll for physis, attacks and skills.
Aim Combat Reduces the minimum roll for critical hits by 1 per action. This is not possible when using burst mode. The aim bonus is lost when the character is hit.
Lineage: Asgoran 0
Deftness +1
Endurance +1
Seafaring +2
Swimming +2
Occupation: Adventurer 9
Rerolls +1
Deftness +1
Strength +1
Orientation +2
Investigation +1
Hand to Hand Combat +1
Occupation: Hermetic 10
Max arcana +3
Spell points +5
Logic +1
Education +1
Spell Casting +1
Magic Knowledge +1
Persuasion +1
Magic Origin: Hermeticism
Occupation: Priest 10

Religious: You are religious, believe in your deity and also actively defend your faith. You may perform invocations of all kinds.

Allows to perform the acts of a priest.

Destiny dice +1
Education +1
Communication +2
Religion +2
Music +2
Education: Arcane School 10
Max arcana +2
Spell points +10
Education +1
Magic Knowledge +2
Spell Casting +1
Education: Arcane Study 10
Spell points +5
Max arcana +1
Willpower +1
Logic +1
Magic Knowledge +2
Spell Casting +1
Education: Arcane meditation 6
Spell points +5
Max arcana +2
Magic Knowledge +2
Talent: Magically gifted 4
Max arcana +2

Scientists have calculated that the chances of something so patently absurd actually existing are millions to one. But magicians have calculated that million-to-one chances crop up nine times out of ten
- Terry Pratchett